This Week in PCM : Initiating Positive Change

03222016 Initiating Positive Change


We here at PositivityChange are all about manifesting positive change in your personal and professional lives. This week’s focus will be initiating positive change. Say, you want to get started doing something positive to change your life. Well, this site gives you the resources to achieve this.  Here is the site’s four options towards initiating positive change:

  • Creating
  • Preserving
  • Eliminating
  • Accepting

Below is the Talent Management magazine’s Initiating positive change article link:

Visit PositivityChange to manage positive change effectively in your personal and professional lives.

Accepting Positive Risk

Accepting positive risk is a passive strategy. You accept your current situation as is or what might happen. For example, you accept that your boss might give you a raise before the next annual performance rating. This is highly unlikely, therefore, you should accept that there’s room for proactivity towards managing your life and career.

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