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45 Days Left: You Can Still Accomplish Your Goals!

Today is November 15, 2020. Yesterday I received my Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate. This was my second Scrum certification.

Why Am I Pointing This Out?

                Because I accomplished a professional goal with 45 days in 2020. And you can do it too. Yes, 2020 dealt a hard blow to many of the things that we planned; but, you can still accomplish your goal with time remaining. I can and I know that you can too.

Positive Attitude Month Resources

October is Positive Attitude Month! And here at we truly need all of the positivity that we can get during this pandemic. I want to share with you the best resources that will keep your spirits up throughout this challenging time.

Here are 5 tips for Positive Attitude Month

Displaying a positive attitude is not just for adults. Kids need to learn how to be and stay positive. Here are some ways that you can cultivate this in your child.

It is hard to be positive during this pandemic. Here are some ways to keep your sprits up in spite of it all.

Oftentimes everyone, we deal with negative self-talk that gets in our way of being positive. Here is article about 7 ways to see the silver lining with yourself

To round out this newsletter, here is Psychology Today’s 7 ways to stay positive

Here’s to another positive week everyone!

My Positive Massive Action Article Is Picked Up By Medium

Innovation, A Medium publication,

picked up my Positive Massive Action article

Great news! The Innovation, a Medium publication, has picked up my Why Positive Massive Action Matters to Your Career! This is big because it offers me more exposure; but, also this magnifies the importance of speaking your truth.

                I wrote Why Positive Massive Action Matters to Your Career because I was dumbfounded as to why failing the same certification exam multiple times was a badge of honor. That was no perseverance, that was failing to make critical analysis to pass the first time. Failing multiple times cost time and money. It could also hinder your career and earning power. I was glad that my message resonated with the Innovation publication.

                You can read this and even more from me by following me on my Medium profile:


Celebrate Happiness Happens Day!

Today is August 8th which is Happiness Happens Day! Your personal happiness is very important. has a wide array of articles and resources to find your happy today and beyond!

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Fresh off of celebrating my 5th year anniversary will be even bigger and better this month of August. One it is my birthday month (August 9th ) and I have so much blog and video content to deliver to you.

                I am truly thankful that you’ve read my blog, watched my videos and supported me all the way. Below is my video detailing everything from:

  • What’s on tap this August
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • Wellness Month

Big things are happening this month on I cannot wait to share them with you.

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Celebrating 5 Years of!

It happened! is finally 5 years old! July 31, 2015 was my first day of this blog! And now 5 years later on July 31, 2020, I am celebrating!

                5 Years is a lot of time in the blogosphere! Popular blogs come and go but is here to stay!

                Below is my token of appreciation for rocking with me for these past 5 years! Here’s to 5 more!

Why Positive Massive Action Matters To Your Career

Time is not waiting for anyone which is why I am dedicating this issue towards time and an important epiphany that I have received last week.

I saw a colleague mention that she was celebrating her 6th PMP anniversary. Okay. Then I saw in the comments where she admitted to another PMP that she failed the exam more than 3 times. I was completely astounded because I thought that you could only take the PMP exam three times; but, also how much time and money she wasted failing multiple times.

                Full disclosure: I took 8 certification exams failing 2 of them. However, I immediately passed these two the next time.

Why Am I Telling You This Everyone?

Because I am all about saving you time and money and this in turn can save your career and business!

Failing multiple times sets your career back a whole lot. You cannot use your certification and be seen as an expert. Furthermore, you are falling farther behind your coworkers. Finally, failure costs a lot of money. The PMP exam fee is $405 if you are a member and $535 as a non-member. Multiply that by 3 times and you will get $1215 and $1605, respectively. What can you do with an extra $1200-$1600 everyone? That is why I have zero tolerance for this type of thing.

                I want to help you get the most out of your time in whatever you do everyone. It can be work, play or something in between. Whatever you do I want you to maximize your return on investment on the time you’ve spent doing whatever you love.

Remember this Saturday will be August 1st. Time waits for no one. Not even the Rona has stopped time so tackling your time management issues right now will let you have the remaining 4 months with a sense of accomplishment. Because time is the one commodity that once spent you cannot get back.

Make Your Second Half Your Better Half with These Time Management Tips!

We are 15 days into the second half of 2020. I want to take this opportunity to share some of my top time management tips to make sure that your second half is better than your first half

                I know that the first half of 2020 was a doozy everyone! That was an understatement. We went from normalcy to pandemic to quarantine to phased reopening and in some cases back to quarantine. The first half of 2020 has thrown the entire world for a loop!

                However, this is now the second half of 2020! Though we cannot the past, the present or the future, we can predict our performance everyone!

                With that here are some of my top time management tips to make your second half your better half.

Take Inventory of the First-Half

How much did you accomplishment everyone? Write it down. It is essential to access what you accomplished the previous first half. You can even break it down into first quarter and second quarter.


Because your first quartet may be drastically different than your second quarter? I know mines are. First quarter I was out and about meeting people face to face without any limitations. The second quarter, I was in quarantine. The same for you so divide them by quarters and evaluate your accomplishments.

Find And Eliminate Your Time Wasters

Even in the middle of this pandemic there are time wasters sucking your day away like a vampire (Netflix and YouTube everyone?!). Find and eliminate all of them. This will exponentially increase your productivity for this second half of 2020 and beyond.

See What You Can Salvage

See what you can do. This is way more empowering than what you can’t do everyone. Now that you’re focused on what you can do, divide your goals by quarter and half.

Why divide by quarter and half?

It is break down things and build moment. I do not want you to get overwhelmed and then quit everyone. When you get overwhelmed you get paralysis of analysis and then quit.

This is NO TIME TO QUIT! Let’s salvage 2020 and keep it pushing!

Reestimate (Rebaseline) If Necessary

If you cannot realistically reestimate your goals and get them done, then reestimate your timeline. I mean who knew that the Rona was coming everyone? You have 6 more months to accomplish something

Keep Track of Your Second Half Progress

Look even if you have to dust yourself off and dump everything that you’ve planned during the first half everyone, still keep track of your second half progress.


Because some progress is better than no progress. Furthermore, you will be surprised as to how much motivation and satisfaction you will get from crossing off your goals.

If you know that you need to track your goals but don’t know how or where to get started, here’s my Goal Tracker to help you. It is the very same system that I use to keep track of my progress.