Marching To Your Own Drum

Happy March! This is the third month of the year and I want to reach out and thank you everyone for reading Positivitychange

                We are already 60 days in this New Year and many times we can start getting critical of our lack of (perceived) progress. I know that this has happened to me. Just last month in February, I suffered paralysis or analysis for two whole months because I felt that potentially failing a certification renewal exam would disrupt the rest of my schedule. Well, I decided to just go ahead and take it.

And guess what? I passed the first time!

Now my schedule is freed up to pursue other because I have pushed through my fear. You can do it too! Here are some articles to help you along the way.

Here’s a Positivitychange article about overcoming paralysis of analysis.

Once you’re unstuck, how do you stay that way? By retraining your algorithm everyone.

Here’s my Positivitychange article of the same name to keep what’s good, dump what’s bad and continue forward motion.

So this March and beyond keep moving forward and accomplishing your goals.

Here’s to a productive month ahead!

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