Where I Have Been

Hey there everyone! I know that it has been months since my last posting. My site has been plagued with a PHP error so my ability to get into the site has been hard.

                I have been writing for the Positivitychange mailing list which you can sign up here. I have been releasing my month newsletters. It has been therapeutic to reach my audience especially with www.positivitycnage.com down.

                I am thinking about posting some of these newsletters on here to showcase some of what I’ve been doing.

                I want to return back to www.positivitychange.com when I have the energy because it is a lot to run two sites (www.carlarjenkins.com being the other!). I am now ready to return amidst all of the tech drama.

What’s Next?

                Getting www.positivitychange.com back up and running correctly and documenting more in positive change.

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