How To Avoid The Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – until it is not. There are some people who fear this time of year because Christmas can be a real downer on them. It could be money, family, deceased relatives or just 2021 (we’re still in a pandemic with the Omicron variant running around).

I want to dedicate this issue towards how to beat the Christmas blues so that you (or someone you know) can return to being all jolly and bright!

                The Christmas blues rarely come out of nowhere everyone. Here’s a UK counseling and therapy site detailing the Christmas blues and how to manage them.

                Daring to Live Fully has her 8 ways of beating the Christmas blues.

Pastoral website, Preach It, Teach It, has its own 10 ways to beat the Christmas blues.

We here at Positivitychange Post just want you to be happy and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

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