How To Stay Positive During Winter

I know that these past two weeks have been dreary as it pertains to winter. If you are in Texas, I know that the winter blackout has been particularly dreadful. If you have not read my Carla’s Corner mutual aid issue to find help here’s the link.

                In this blog post, I want to talk about how to stay positive throughout winter. There are four seasons in this year. Every season has a meaning. Winter is no different. That’s why it’s important to take winter in context.

                Here are 3 resources to help you stay positive throughout this winter

Here is ways to stay positive through a cold, dark winter.

Here is business website, the Ladders, with 3 psychologists giving advice to handle winter doldrums.

Dealing with COVID can seem insurmountable but there is a way to overcome it. Here’s how.

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