Why Positive Massive Action Matters To Your Career

Time is not waiting for anyone which is why I am dedicating this issue towards time and an important epiphany that I have received last week.

I saw a colleague mention that she was celebrating her 6th PMP anniversary. Okay. Then I saw in the comments where she admitted to another PMP that she failed the exam more than 3 times. I was completely astounded because I thought that you could only take the PMP exam three times; but, also how much time and money she wasted failing multiple times.

                Full disclosure: I took 8 certification exams failing 2 of them. However, I immediately passed these two the next time.

Why Am I Telling You This Everyone?

Because I am all about saving you time and money and this in turn can save your career and business!

Failing multiple times sets your career back a whole lot. You cannot use your certification and be seen as an expert. Furthermore, you are falling farther behind your coworkers. Finally, failure costs a lot of money. The PMP exam fee is $405 if you are a member and $535 as a non-member. Multiply that by 3 times and you will get $1215 and $1605, respectively. What can you do with an extra $1200-$1600 everyone? That is why I have zero tolerance for this type of thing.

                I want to help you get the most out of your time in whatever you do everyone. It can be work, play or something in between. Whatever you do I want you to maximize your return on investment on the time you’ve spent doing whatever you love.

Remember this Saturday will be August 1st. Time waits for no one. Not even the Rona has stopped time so tackling your time management issues right now will let you have the remaining 4 months with a sense of accomplishment. Because time is the one commodity that once spent you cannot get back.

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