5 Ways to Stay Positive In The Middle of a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is something that no one has imagined would happen but it is here. Fear of the unknown is nature but after the initial shock wears off, we all ask what’s next? Here are my 5 ways to stay positive and productive in the middle of a pandemic.

First, I want you to breathe. We will get through this.

Second, I want you to respect your limits and realize that this is unchartered territory right now.

Third, prioritize what is truly urgent. There are many things that are pulling on you all at once. Here is how to make sense of it all.

Fourth I want you to take baby steps in recovering. Don’t try to go from negative to positive everyone.

Fifth plan for interruptions because they will come. They don’t have to sideswipe you everyone.

These 5 ways will help you be better towards yourself in living and thriving amongst the unknown.

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