Positivitychange.com June 2019 Goals

I have some very big things coming this June for www.positivitychange.com . The two big goals are:

  • Blog more – I will publish at least once a week. I want this site to be a resource to manifesting and managing positive change in both your personal and professional lives.
  • List building – PositivityChange Post www.positivitychange.com/mailinglist is my newsletter specializing in managing the positive change in your life so that you can have more. We always talk about change in the negative (death, divorce, firing, layoff, etc.) but not change in the positive (graduation, promotion, marriage, etc.). That is why I have created www.positivitychange.com.

The newsletter www.positivitychange.com/mailinglist goes even deeper because I want you have to more ways to increase the positivity in your personal and professional lives. Sign up here: www.positivitychange.com/mailinglist.

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