Alexa Internet Ranks!

What a positive way to start our day! Alexa Internet has ranked www.positivitychange.comin the US! This means that many Americans are checking our page for more positive change tips and testimonies. I am very happy that our content is resonating with so many people.

                I have started this site in 2015 because no one was talking about positive change only negative change. I knew that others were stumped and having the same problems that I was having. I went on GoDaddy, purchased this domain, opened up WordPress and started blogging. Over the years, I expanded to podcasting, Facebook and BlogLovin while always keeping the positive change management theme.

                This year is year 3 and to be acknowledged by Alexa Internet and the people is a momentous achievement because I feel as if I am helping so many people achievepositive change. Follow our RSS feed at to never miss a post. Also sign up for PositivityChange mailing list to receive more positivity in your inbox

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