PositivityChange Post : Issue 43 : Positively Moving in the Right Direction

Hey everyone!

I am also very big on storytelling and being transparent. I have been an eBay reseller for a little over one year. I have experienced ups and downs like anyone else. I am glad to have this extra income to give me more choices. Lately I have been receiving weird activity (unpaid item strikes from people who don’t buy, fraud, etc.), however, I’ve pushed through because that’s what we do here! Yet, I admit it had me questioning if I want to continue. Earlier this month, I received a sale and was going to take the Fourth of July off. I meant it was the holiday so why not? Then I saw one of the YouTubers I subscribed to drop a fresh new video into my feed, the day BEFORE the Fourth of July! It forced me to boss up and do my eBay livestream on July 3rd. I didn’t know that this small spark would result in my receiving 9 sales in 2 weeks! It is all about positively moving forward in the right direction. Watch my video here:

Yes, we are at the midpoint of July. I know that we will all end our July much better than we have started.

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