PositivityChange Post : Issue 41 : Declare Your Independence from Indifference

I wish all of my loyal readers, a Happy Fourth of July! In keeping with this holiday’s independence theme, this issue will cover how to overcome indifference and mediocrity; and, I will use myself as an example!

Oftentimes we don’t know how we’ve gotten stuck. It is not an overnight occurrence. It happens gradually. Your standards start slipping. You become okay with it not being to your standards because no one will notice that minor defect; however, that minor defect becomes a major one and people start noticing. Once they start noticing they start coming to you about it; and, then you wonder how has the quality decreased so significantly that you hardly recognize your work, and in some instances your life? Well, that’s because we become comfortable with just being okay. Mediocrity erodes a lot faster than excellence. I am bringing this example up because I have experienced this in my life while studying for the ITIL certification.

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