[PositivityChange Post Issue 38] My Life, My Life, My Life, My Life in the Sunshine

Hey everyone!

It is getting very hot here in the US! Right now where I live it is boiling and will get even hotter as the week transpires! This issue is about keeping cool and staying healthy during summer (because NOT having a sun headache is ALWAYS positive!), While I am talking about shining bright, I am happy to announce that my article Increasing Your Career Savviness has gotten over 100 likes and 200 views on LinkedIn! I am overjoyed by the response because all I initially wanted to do was show people that the very same tools that big business used for your own personal career.

Now onto the summer health care:

Shape Magazine gives us 7 ways to avoid sun damage

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    1. LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to market yourself and position yourself as an expert. I have written over 140 articles growing my audience and getting introductions for jobs. I would recommend that you post your article on your blog first then republish it on LinkedIn. That’s also my way of growing my email list.

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