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I have hired a new virtual assistant to help me with my social media strategy. During our conversation, she mentions that we need to retrain your algorithm because I have been posting on Facebook too much. That phrase is right on time as we are transitioning from summer to fall.

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Retrain Your Algorithm:

Managing the Remaining 1/3 of the Year:

Welcome Nena Lucero to the Phenomena Corporation Team!

I would like everyone to welcome Nena Lucero to the Phenomena Corporation Team! I have hired her as the company’s virtual assistant. She is responsible to implementing my social media strategy and has total control over my business Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Her work has already increased my Facebook engagement. Speaking of Facebook, if you have not already done so then subscribe to my Facebook page here:

Increased Facebook Engagement

I have been listening to my community. It seems to engage more when I post native image content only on my Facebook site that they cannot see anywhere else. I have devoted at least one positive quote per day on the Facebook page. In addition, I have started doing more Facebook Live to increase my engagement. If you have not already, like the PositivityChange Facebook Page:

For a limited time, both the Expand Your Personal Brand Book and Workbook are on Sale

For a very limited time, both my Amazon bestselling Expand Your Personal Brand book and its corresponding workbook are on sale. The ebook’s price is now $7.99. The workbook’s price is $3.99. Purchase them here:



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