15 Days In

                We are 15 days into 2023! It has been productive. I am may my way through a couple of training programs and preparing for new job opportunities.

  • Working my way through the Microsoft Business Applications Skilling Program
  • Studying to pass my MB-910 MS Dynamics CRM Fundamentals certification through Microsoft Business Applications Skilling and Virtual Training Days
  • Actively applying for new job opportunities and writing Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter
  • Being in good cheer
  • Getting ready to return back to Tri-C online courses for spring semester 2023

How about you? What progress have you made in the first 15 days?

It is okay if you are stuck. Here is an article on paralysis of analysis. Don’t get frozen in 2023 and repeat 2022. Get unstuck and get moving!

Happy New Year! Here’s To 2023!

Happy 2023! 2023 will be www.positivitychange.com biggest year. I am very happy that you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to read my positive change management blog! Expect even more content in those three areas in 2023.

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Why Positivitychange Doesn’t Cover Anxiety

Positivitychange.com covers a whole lot of issues both good and bad; because hey we are a realistic blog. We know that not every day will be positive.


                We don’t cover anxiety.


                Because www.positivitychange.com goal is for you to anticipate not to be anxious. We want this site to equip you for the bad days and the bad people.

Writing about anxiety is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Look, I have been through a lot. I have been through ups, downs, unemployment, joblessness, eviction court. You name, it has happened to me.

But The One I Was Not Was Anxious

                I do not wish anxiety on you. I wish action to make your life positive.

Where I Have Been

Hey there everyone! I know that it has been months since my last posting. My site has been plagued with a PHP error so my ability to get into the site has been hard.

                I have been writing for the Positivitychange mailing list which you can sign up here. I have been releasing my month newsletters. It has been therapeutic to reach my audience especially with www.positivitycnage.com down.

                I am thinking about posting some of these newsletters on here to showcase some of what I’ve been doing.

                I want to return back to www.positivitychange.com when I have the energy because it is a lot to run two sites (www.carlarjenkins.com being the other!). I am now ready to return amidst all of the tech drama.

What’s Next?

                Getting www.positivitychange.com back up and running correctly and documenting more in positive change.

Enhance Your Competitive Advantage In 2022!

Your competitive advantage is the one thing that you do better than anyone else. Maintaining currency and credibility aid in your being the best in your industry.

                Competitive advantage is continual it is not a one and done event. You must continue to improve your professional development in order to stay on top. If you need any help, check out How To Expand Your Personal Brand

How To Avoid The Holiday Blues

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – until it is not. There are some people who fear this time of year because Christmas can be a real downer on them. It could be money, family, deceased relatives or just 2021 (we’re still in a pandemic with the Omicron variant running around).

I want to dedicate this issue towards how to beat the Christmas blues so that you (or someone you know) can return to being all jolly and bright!

                The Christmas blues rarely come out of nowhere everyone. Here’s a UK counseling and therapy site detailing the Christmas blues and how to manage them.

                Daring to Live Fully has her 8 ways of beating the Christmas blues.

Pastoral website, Preach It, Teach It, has its own 10 ways to beat the Christmas blues.

We here at Positivitychange Post just want you to be happy and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

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