November Is National Gratitude Month

                Hey everybody! November is National Gratitude Month! We over here at are all about being grateful. Remember, gratitude and positivity go hand in hand. We will be celebrating National Gratitude Month throughout this November!

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Carla November 2019 Goals

Happy November! I hope that this month is off to a fantastic start! Well, here at November is also National Gratitude Month. We will be celebrating that all month long; because, gratitude and positivity go hand in hand.

Also I will be posting weekly Wednesday Wisdom posts to help you (positively) get over the hump! Never fear: positivity is here!

Finally, Christmas with Carla will be coming very soon. I will be back here with the Black Friday list and the website soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Oh and in the meantime, please check out the Facebook page and the mailing list in a more hectic world!

September Is Self-Improvement Month

Happy September everybody! We are very big on self-improvement here at September is self-improvement month and it is imperative that we learn ways toward making our personal and professional lives better.

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August Is Happiness Happens Month!

Hey everyone! Here at we celebrate happiness every single day. We are particularly happy to learn that this month of August is Happiness Happens Month!

I cannot find another great way to transition from summer to fall than celebrating Happiness Happens Month. Remember, our blog’s mantra is to help manifest and manage positive change in your personal and professional lives! Happiness Happens Month falls right align with it.

Watch my video below celebraing Happiness Happens Month!

What’s Happening This August on

Today is August 1st. Yesterday we just celebrated our 4th blog anniversary. If you think that we are just going to sit on our laurels and bask in the glow of another year, you are dreaming! We have to stuff the achieve! And here on we aim to do them! Keep coming back here for all of the latest in positive tips, tricks and videos to make you life better!

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And my 4-year blog anniversary just keeps getting better! Alexa Internet now has my site nearly 90,000 spots  up from 923K to 834K! This is positive proof (pun intended!) that many people crave positive news and ways to get more positivity in their lives!

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4 Years of

Hey everyone! I am officially celebrating 4 years of writing for! I am amazed that I am here. When I first started, I just wanted this space to be a place where you could learn what to do with positive change. People were always talking about change in the negative. Well, what about positive change?

I have had a lot of positive changes come my way courtesy of this site! I am very happy to become an Amazon bestselling author for Expand Your Personal Brand, have a mailing list and reach as many people as possible here on the site!

What’s next? Your guess is as good as mine. But what I do know is that I will keep as the ultimate place for positive change in your personal and professional lives!

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PositivityChange Is Now In The Alexa Internet Majestic Million!

It is official! 4 years of my first blog post, is now an Alexa Internet Majestic Million! The site debuts at 923,000! I am so excited about this because all I wanted to do is to be THE place for positive change! I am very happy that my readers agree!

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How to Bounce Back After A Holiday!

                July 4th has come and gone. Now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. Or are we everyone?

                There is no shame in saying that you have gotten back into the rhythm yet. Here are 5 resources to help you get not only back to work but back into the groove!

  1.  Okay so maybe we enjoyed ourselves too much. Here’s how to rebound:
  2. We are all for ZERO stress so here is an article about minimizing your post-vacation back to work stress:
  3. We also learn from other people’s mistakes so that we don’t make the same ones:
  4. We also want our time back to be successful:
  5. We refuse to be miserable!

Here’s to a Happy and Positive July everyone!