Alexa Internet Ranks PositivityChange.com!

What a positive way to start our day! Alexa Internet has ranked www.positivitychange.comin the US! This means that many Americans are checking our page for more positive change tips and testimonies. I am very happy that our content is resonating with so many people.

                I have started this site in 2015 because no one was talking about positive change only negative change. I knew that others were stumped and having the same problems that I was having. I went on GoDaddy, purchased this domain, opened up WordPress and started blogging. Over the years, I expanded to podcasting, Facebook and BlogLovin while always keeping the positive change management theme.

                This year is year 3 and to be acknowledged by Alexa Internet and the people is a momentous achievement because I feel as if I am helping so many people achievepositive change. Follow our RSS feed at www.positivitychange.com/rssfeed to never miss a post. Also sign up for PositivityChange mailing list to receive more positivity in your inbox www.positivitychange.com/mailinglist

3 Ways My PMP Has Positively Helped Me

Hey everyone! For those who are new to PositivityChange.com, I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). My certification has helped me build this blog to what it is thus far. Project management has also guided me through expanding the blog onto social media and BlogLovin. So here are the 3 ways my PMP has positively helped me.

Anything Can Be a Project

Earning my PMP has deepened my project management knowledge. I have been applying it to everything. Anything can be a project.

I am Viewed As a Credible Project Manager

Project management is one of the hottest fields and now everyone bills himself as a project manager from virtual assistants to administrative assistants. Having my PMP gives me instant credibility because the PMP is the gold standard. PMP makes me stand out from anyone.

Content Creation

My first blog posts in 2015 were project management related.Positive change came later. Actually, without project management there would be no PositivityChange.com. Applying project management towards my content creation has made me more effective in spreading positive change on the blog and across social media.

Some people would be surprised that a creative has a PMP. You should not be because my PMP brings order to creative chaos.

These are three ways that my PMP has positively helped me.To learn more about the PMP process, visit the Project Management Institute website here www.pmi.org.

PositivityChange Facebook Page Has Received 55 Likes

PositivityChange has reached another milestone. Our Facebook page has received 55 likes! This is huge especially since spreading positive change is our core message. So like our page and join the community to have more positive change!

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Spreading Positive Change on Facebook for 12 Years

This past November I celebrated my 12th year on Facebook. I celebrated 3 years on www.positivitychange.com. Most people don’t know that I have had my PositivityChange Facebook Page before my professional page. I am very happy to be afforded the opportunity to get a Facebook account before the masses. I have used it to spread positivity throughout the Internet. So when you need more positivity on Facebook, feel free to like my Facebook page.

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October is Positive Attitude Month!

As you know October is positive attitude month. We here at PositivityChange.com have culminated this week’s top three resources to help you stay positive throughout this entire week:

  1. about.com: Make the Most Of Positive Attitude Month: http://stress.about.com/od/Holidays-and-Observances-for-Stress-Management/fl/Make-the-Most-of-Positive-Attitude-Month.htm
  2. Self-Growth: October is Positive Attitude Month http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/October_is_Positive_Attitude_Month_Tips_for_Maintaining_a_Positive_Attitude.html
  3. Self-Starter Zone: http://www.selfstarterzone.com/national-positive-attitude-month/

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Happy International Podcast Day!

Happy International Podcast Day everyone! Listen to Positive Change Radio podcast today. I cover positive change and project management. You can listen to all of the episodes here: www.blogtalkradio.com/missphenomena


Fourth Quarter Finish

Three quarters of the year are in the book. If you haven’t done a lot or what to do better, this fourth quarter is a great way to bounce back or start anew. Don’t wait until the New Year to get started. Even if your program doesn’t start until January, you can still use this time towards getting ready for the New Year. Regardless of your situation, don’t be stagnant packing in this fourth quarter and waiting until the New Year.

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